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Our Mission

Choices for Chase is geared towards all drivers and passengers. The goal of Choices for Chase is to reiterate the responsibilities as a driver and a passenger. Through showing what the aftermath looks like as a friend and a family, the organization hopes to increase the desire for teenagers to act as role models to create a positive change. Chase's story is one that encompasses many choices that drivers and passengers have in a motor vehicle.



Our objective is to educate the responsibilities that we have as drivers - old and new to the rules of the road. Our mission is to show that drivers and passengers have choices in a vehicle that will impact the rest of their lives and others, too.



Members of the Choices for Chase team are always willing to speak at your event. If you have an upcoming event where you feel your audience would benefit from hearing Chase's story, please reach out to us to request a speaker.

Contact Choices for Chase

Help us understand what you're looking for or if you have questions or comments about Choices for Chase, please contact us. Let us know how we can better serve you!


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